One Breath Poem: Message for a Revolution

Directions for Participation

Choose a Method for Making an Audio or Video Recording

Choose a format for recording your voice. We accept any audio or video files. You can make a video and put your finger over the camera. We are mainly interested in your audio recording.

Here are a couple of options:

1. Call our hotline and we'll record your message for you: 205-551-8577.
2. Use an app on your computer, like QuickTime, or an app on your phone, like Audio Recorder.

Choose Your Message

No need to over-think it!

Your message can be poetic or not, it can be a wonderment, a scream, a release, a memory or memorial; or anything you want to share. You can participate during a protest or think back to a moment that stayed with you at or during the protests in the summer of 2020. The goal is to collect these voices in an archive, and present them here for others to hear.

If you want to participate as a recording artist but cannot think of what to say, take a look at these poems that others have suggested for you to record!

Record Your Voice or Leave a Message on the Hotline

If you decide to record and upload your voice:

Press the record button.
Speak your message in just one breath.

Press the upload button below to drop your recording in our Google Drive folder;

OR you can leave your message on our hotline by calling: 205-551-8577

Listen to Messages

If you prefer listening, you can hear messages that others have left for this project from our "Message for a Revolution" playlist.

Suggest Poems
for Others to Record

Use this form to suggest poems that you would like to hear recorded in one breath. Why did you choose this poem? Does it relate to the theme of police brutality, social unrest, or the Black Lives Matter movement?

About this Project

One Breath Poem: Message for a Revolution is a telematic call and response project in which the voice expresses a poem or poetic phrase with the limitation of speaking in just one “unit” or a single exhale. This edition of One Breath Poem is developed in response to police brutality and the global social unrest during the summer of 2020.

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